Double Sided Labels Overview

Double sided labels have printed information on both the front and the back of a label material. This proves to be very useful in many industries, because the economical use of space and material lowers the costs of printing, reduces paper or any other material waste, and optimizes production.

Double sided labels are used for all products that need to have a lot of information printed on the label. Sometimes all that can fit on one side of a label is information required by the law. Manufacturers feel the need to offer a little extra information to their customers (nutritional info, recipes, coupons, promotions, etc), and they use the back of a label do to so.

Manufacturers who have extensive experience with double sided labels often have one pre-printed side of the label with their brand name and logo on it, or any constant visual and/or textual information that doesn’t change. The other side of the label is custom printed depending on their needs and the changing information.

Regarding the production of double sided labels, it is pretty much the same as the single sided label production. The stock and adhesive of a double sided label will mostly depend on the environmental conditions of the labeled product’s surroundings.

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