The Most Common Uses of Double Sided Labels

If you have a lot of information to convey to your customers, and not much space on your product for a bigger label, double sided label is your solution. Double sided labels are widely used in the following industries:

If you are in a line of business that does a lot of shipping, you will definitely benefit from choosing double sided labels. Printing shipping address on the front of a label and packing list on the back solves the problem of paper waste, cuts the cost of printing and lowers the possibility of matching shipping address with a wrong packing list.

Double sided labels are better known for their practical use, than for their aesthetical component. However, some manufacturers exercise their creativity with double sided labels and come up with excellent solutions, such as reverse printed labels – for applications on glass/windows, facing out.

Some of the most common double sided labels we see every day are: the No Smoking sign and all kinds of warning labels on glass doors/windows, where you can see the sign whichever side of the door or window you are facing.

Beverage manufacturers are also put to the test when it comes to creating space-efficient and elegant looking labels. They choose double sided labels where the information printed on the back of a label is seen through a bottle, giving it an interesting look.

Double sided labels are also used in the clothing industry a lot, for labels with care instructions on one side and clothing information (percentage of fabrics, size, price, etc.) on the other.